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2019 Rugby World Cup Japan Schedule with countdown in Excel
- February 15, 2019 -

Excel Cell Locator
Excel Calendar Calendar Countdown

   Excel Calendar and Cell Locator
- January 8, 2006 -
Revised - October 9, 2008 -

Monthly Birthday Calendar for Centenarians lists the oldest man and woman in the world.

Age calculation for centenarians, what Excel does not support in simply
subtracting the birthdate before 1900/1/1  from today, is shown on
the spreadsheet with the names of 65 super centenarians (age over 109) in Japan,
announced by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
on the occasion of Respect for the Aged holiday weekend.

- September 16, 2006 - 


Access Ken Matsuoka's original calendar with millennium countdown ,
which also has the new additional Weekly Calendar allowing insertion of photograph(s)
(on cell B8 of the sheet Weekly), and you will figure out how you can use this 
to attract more access to your Web page,
by showing the link with or without 
advertisement on the Excel work sheet.

The original monthly calendar has been equipped with the dropdown list of months
 to select (dropdown list in cell J7 while clearing cell J4;
  otherwise "=TODAY()" or blank in cell J4 to show the current month). 
- this comment added May 22, 2001 -   

Please select the version:

The Mon - Sun Version
The Sun - Sat Version

Find out how the combination of the monthly calendar and the 3-Month Lookup
Calendar, posted on Mar. 3, 2001, works to make the records marked on the year
sheet stand out in the calendar of one (typically the current) month or 3 months.
Type a phrase in cell E81 of the year sheet for May 3 (next to "Kyoto" in cell D81),
and you will have the same shown on both the monthly and 3-month calendars.
Here is the file.  
- May 25, 2001 -

And more.   Here is World Clock UK.  The local times in Ohio,
Los Angeles and Tokyo are shown relative to the time in the UK (GMT).
- The latest version file has now the international dialing code sheet 
December 6, 2000 -

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