Ken Matsuoka

"Excel Monthly Calendar with Millennium Countdown and World Clock" ("this site") is a
voluntary work of Ken Matsuoka ("the author" or "I").  As all the calendar files offered
on this site ("the calendars") use Microsoft Excel ("Excel"), the downloaded data should
match the Excel program installed in your computer ("the computer").  The calendars are
made with Excel 2000, and use only two Japanese characters to show, only on rare
occasions, the current era in Japan, Heisei, which may not be correctly shown on the computer,
unless it is installed with the Japanese version OS or Excel.

All the calendar files offered are my original works, thus any copy, duplication or
reproduction of the downloaded files for any purposes, including commercial,
are strictly prohibited, partly because of the fact that
I cannot  guarantee that the calendar data is sufficiently controlled in a professional manner
to show the correct date, time or data at any given moment
.  Anyone who dares to violate
the prohibition are subject to legal actions of any sort for any amount of money for reparation,
compensation or indemnity.  Nor shall I be held responsible for any damages,
inconveniences or confusions caused by the use of the calendars.

I should add that I have never used or shall never use the macro, not to mention any
programing leading to the cause of virus infection of the computers.  However, if, for any
reasons, there should occur a case of infection after downloading my file data, I am not to
be held responsible.  Nor shall I bear the burden of proving to that effect.

The calendars could be modified or customised by the author to suit the requirements
made by individuals, companies or governments, following express written consents or contracts.

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Copyright (C) Ken Matsuoka