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          the 76 supercentenarians. Google Spreadsheet    
     Source: Gerontology Research Group

- June 30, 2008 -

       There are 65 persons over age 109 in Japan as of the end of September,     
          says Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in its announcement     
     made on the occasion of Respect for the Aged holiday, Monday, September 18.   

The list shows that the oldest woman is Yone Minagawa, age 113,
and the oldest man is Tomoji Tanabe, age 111.

Supercentenarians | The San Diego Union-Tribune

- September 16, 2006 -

Yone Minagawa passed away on August 13, 2007.
She was 114.
Yone Minagawa, 114; world's oldest living person - Los Angeles Times
- August 15, 2007 -

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