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Hotel Sunset American

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Seaside Resort Mansion Hotel Sunset American is popular with the divers, surfers and friends of the employees
of the US bases on the main island of Okinawa.

Located on the coast of the East China Sea and with the streets lined with 
tropical cycad and phoenix trees, the town Chatan attracts many tourists from 
the mainland Japan and neighboring Asian countries such as Taiwan and Korea 
with amenities and events, mostly organized by the town hall and the residents.

A visit to a weekend flea market at sunset and further late at night will be enough to impress 
the tourists with the vigor and cheerful characteristics of the young and old 
flooding the streets, as they enjoy browsing the stalls and shops, feeling a gentle breeze 
from the sea cooling down the intensity of the heat emanating from the pavements.

Coupled with the hospitality of the open and lively local folks, the family-like and friendly 
atmosphere and quality of service of the staff of Hotel Sunset American is more than value for money.

Location:  50 minutes by car or bus from Naha Airport
5 minutes by car from the Kadena Air Base
5 minutes by car from American Village and Hambee Town.

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Hotel Sunset American
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