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Excel Calendar with Millennium Countdown and World Clock


What's New:

It is now November, the leaves turning red, some starting to fall, the air
already full of the merry-making party atmosphere of  Thanks Giving Day.
But what are we going to face after the party?  Counting down to the
 Christmas holiday?  No, it is time we started to plan ahead for the next year. 
So we need the calendar for 2001.  Don't look around for the calendar, though.  
Here is the Excel Calendar for 2001.  The date and occasion recorded in the list 
will be marked on the calendar with the date shown with the bold face and under
 bar.  The list is designed to allow updating the coming events -  anniversaries,
birthdays, holidays, etc.  

As the 21st century draws closer, we are now starting to count down
to the new, well, true millennium.  Let's forget the parties we had at the 
end of the year 1999.  We are now experiencing the true turn of the century.
So let's count down.  Here is my new Excel Millennium Countdown Clock.
- October 11, 2000 -

Are you always drawing up a monthly schedule for your
business, study or training, with paper and pens, or, well, Excel,
from a scratch.  Then, this is a template you would use Excel to print
or enter date on your PC's.  

The 3-month template version would be revised soon to have a lookup
function to show the daily schedules listed on the year sheet on the monthly
sheet, for the current month and the following two months.

So please look forward to the announcement to be made on Calendar Zone.

When accessing the file server, you may be prompted to enter ID and
passwords.  Just press the "Cancel" button, and downloading will start.

Now, the hottest addition of the 3-month version is announced.

Excel Weekday Parallel Calendar (three months) 
- Revised October 21, 2000 -

Excel Weekday Parallel Calendar (single month) 
- July 22, 2000 -

Excel Weeks Calculator

- June 23, 2000 -

When will it be or was it after 400 weeks starting from any given date?
Scroll down the Excel sheet to cells E20, F20 and G20.

Excel Look-up Monthly Calendar  

- June 20, 2000 -

Excel lookup function is used to show the anniversary and holiday listed on
the Annual Table, daily schedule of the week listed on the Weekly Table, 
and birthday listed on the Birthday Table,
all onto the corresponding columns of the monthly calendar (view).

- June 3, 2000 -

Staring at the calendar can be boring, unless it is one's only pastime.
I have figured out how Excel can be used to have my weekly schedule,
-- routine, that is, shown on the monthly calendar so as to avoid the hassle
of daily entry.  The look-up function is used to show the weekly events recorded
on "Weekly Table" onto the monthly sheet.

Access Ken Matsuoka's original calendar with millennium countdown ,
which also has the new additional Weekly Calendar allowing insertion of photograph(s)
(on cell B8 of the sheet Weekly), and you will figure out how you can use this 
to attract more access to your Web page,
by showing the link with or without 
advertisement on the Excel work sheet.

Announcing the latest monthly calendar,
with the dropdown lists of months to select.   Please select the version:

The Mon - Sun Version
The Sun - Sat Version

And here are my latest variations:

6-Month Dynamic Calendar; 12-Month Dynamic Calendar

Although both are large in data size (2.0 MB) and take some five minutes to download, 
please find out if it is really worth your while to try to see how these work.

And more.   Here is World Clock UK.  The local times in Ohio,
Los Angeles and Tokyo are shown relative to the time in the UK (GMT).

Welcome to Ken Matsuoka's Home Utsunomiya


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I Love Alaska!


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