August 28, 2000

KPMG Peat Marwick, Yutaka Kishi, Senior Manager, International Executive Services,
tel. 03-5400-7978  

(Air Cargo)
Nissin Transport Co.,Ltd. at HGT ext. 46473, tel. 028-677-3664
Nittsu Narita tel. 0476-32-8031, fax. 0476-32-2468

All Nippon Airways (ANA)
American Airlines
Air Canada
Air France
Air India
British Airways
Canadian Airlines Internaional
Delta Airlines
Japan Air System (JAS)
Japan Airlines
Lufthansa German Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Thai Airways International
United Airlines
Varig Brazilian Airlines
Virgin Atlantic Airways

Ashikaga Bank Haga Branch, tel. 028-677-0311
Asahi Bank Utsunomiya Branch, tel. 028-622-5281

(Conference)   Haga Industrial Park Management Office, tel. 028-677-5033  

(Furniture Lease)
Nittsu Shoji, Nosaka, tel. 03-5687-3065, fax. 03-5687-0189  

Honda R&D Co.,Ltd. Tochigi R&D Center (HGT), tel. dial-in 028-677-7733 + 5-digit extension number
Operator or security 028-677-3311
4630 Shimotakanezawa Haga-machi Haga-gun Tochigi 321-3393 Japan

Honda Motor NMC, tel. 677-2985
New Model Center 2900 Kamitakanezawa Takanezawa-machi Shioya-gun Tochigi 329-1224 Japan

Honda Motor Takanezawa Plant, tel. 677-5111  

Honda of America Manufacturing (HAM) and
Honda R&D Americas, Inc.
(HRA-O) tel. (0-001-)1-937-644-0439
21001 State Route 739 Raymond, Ohio 4306-9705

Honda of the U.K. MFG. LTD. (HUM) tel. (0-001-)44-1793-416630
fax. (0-001-)44-1793-458321
Highworth Road, South Marston, Swindon, Wiltshire SN3 4TZ U.K.

Honda R&D Europe (U.K.) Ltd.
(HRE-UK) tel. (0-001-)44-1793-416606
fax. (0-001-)44-1793-416600
Highworth Road, South Marston, Swindon, Wiltshire SN3 4TZ U.K.

notes administrators
HGT CIS: Katsuhiko Yakata, ext
 Katsuhiko Yakata/HGT/ASC/HONDA     Purchasing Honda Motor: Akio Yamamoto, ext
 Akio Yamamoto/PUR/JP/HONDA     NMC System Block: Koichi Ozone, ext. 8-27-7113
 Koichi Ozone/NMC/JP/HONDA    HRA-O: Yoshio Sasaki
 Yoshio Sasaki/HRA/ASC/HONDA    HRE-UK: Yasuhiko Sato
 Yasuhiko Sato/HRE/ASC/HONDA  

Your OAP support staff  

Honda Risk Management Call-in, tel. 0120-49-8149, in emergency cases such as earthquakes where
the usual lifeline communication is impossible.
    After the recorded message is finished followed by beep noise,
leave a message, including your ID (shokuban), name, department, extent of the damage suffered, location
and telephone number of retreat point.
  When there is no damage or casualty, just say "Nashi".  
Then, finish with the identification process.  Press the  *  button, press your 6-digit ID number (shokuban),
press either 0, for "no damage suffered", or 1 "damage suffered".
  For the revised message before hanging up,
press the * button and start your message again.

The police, tel. 110, when you are involved in traffic accidents, violence, including burglary, sexual assault,
and other criminal acts.

Fire/Injury, tel. 119, for fire engine and ambulence mobilization.      

Saiseikai Utsunomiya, tel. 028-626-5500
Emergency nighttime tel. 028-626-5599
Other hospitals   Tochigi Emergency Medical Information System  

(Hotels )
Est Inn, tel. 028-638-5555 fax. 028-638-5947
Hotel Chisan Utsunomiya, tel. 028-634-4311  
Hotel Fair City, tel. 028-632-7777 fax. 028-632-0200
Hotel Higashi Nihon, tel. 028-643-5555  
Hotel Sunroute Utsunomiya, tel. 028-621-3355  
Hotel Sunshine, tel. 028-633-0123  
Hotel Tobu Grande, tel. 028-627-0111  
Narita Airport Washington Hotel, tel. 0476-35-5511 fax. 0476-35-3002

Immigration Office ("Nyukan")
tel. 028-638-2010
1-8 Mutsumi-cho Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Pref.

(Iternational Telephone Call)  
KDD   To place an international call through KDD, dial 001 followed by country code.

(Language Institutes)
Utsunomiya English Center (UEC), tel. 028-624-0665
  fax. 028-621-5167  
Japan English Club (JEC), tel. 028-633-8747  

CCB, tel./fax. 028-634-2771  

Nissin Transport (Tochigi), tel. 028-677-4884
Mr. Yahaba, tel. 090-3408-3020   

Nissin Transport (Tokyo), tel. 03-3238-6514 fax. 03-3238-6518
Mr. Kawaguchi

Nissin Transport (Air cargo, Baraki, Chiba), tel. 047-327-7950
Mr. Takahashi

Thierry Jardry, 13D, WA Group, ext. 8-34-3567; 43567 in HGT;  dial-in 028-677-7711
Thierry Jardry/HGT/ASC/HONDA

Suart Cock, 13D, Door Group, ext. 8-34-3679; 43679 in HGT; dial-in 028-677-7685; Fax. 028-677-6686

Charles Baker, LPL Div.
PHS 31151
  Fax. ext. 8-34-5500; 45500 in HGT
Fax. 028-677-7070 After dialing, Japanese announcement is heard, then push the start button to send.
Internet e-mail address:
Roaming au (covering only Japan, Hongkong, Korea, and 12 cities in the USA, 
Ohio and LA are not covered; Australia will be covered in September) Mobile Phone for home use 

Patrick Basile, 13D, Seat Group, ext. 8-34-3560; 43560 in HGT
Internet e-mail address:
Roaming au (covering only Japan, Hongkong, Korea, and 12 cities in the USA,
Ohio and LA are not covered; Australia will be covered in September) Mobile Phone for home use 

Jeffery Abbey, Technical Administration Div., ext. 8-34-2804; 42804 in HGT, PHS 31846
Internet e-mail address:
Personal mobile phone 090-368-64403

Thomas Nguyen, 20D., PHS 33619
Internet e-mail address:
Personal mobile phone 090-7726-1066

Elie Merheb, 3K., ext.8-34-4307; 44307 in HGT
Internet e-mail address:
Roaming au (covering only Japan, Hongkong, Korea, and 12 cities in the USA,
Ohio and LA are not covered; Australia will be covered in September) Mobile Phone for home use 

John Turley, 11D, ext. 8-34-5219; 45219 in HGT
PHS 35364
Internet e-mail address:

Alex Damman, 11D, ext. 8-34-5219; 45219 in HGT
Internet e-mail address:

Roger Beggs, Purchasing, ext.  8-3-46576
Roger Beggs/PUR/JP/HONDA

Mark Clark, Purchasing, ext. 8-3-46517

Mark Ehrlich, Purchasing, ext. 8-3-46543
Mark Ehrlich/PUR/JP/HONDA

Blaine Hurley, Purchasing, ext.
Blaine Hurley/PUR/JP/HONDA

Scott Bidle, Purchasing, ext. 8-3-46570
Scott Bidle/PUR/JP/HONDA

Andrew Bergbaum, Purchasing, ext. 8-3-46522
Andrew Bergbaum/PUR/JP/HONDA

Mubib Akhtar, Purchasing, ext.
Munib Akhtar/PUR/JP/HONDA

Rajeev Wasan, Purchasing, ext. 8-3-46570
Rajeev Wasan/PUR/JP/HONDA

Ashwani Gupta, Purchasing, ext. 8-3-46585
Ashwani Gupta/PUR/JP/HONDA

Roberto Moreo, Purchasing, ext. 8-3-46716
Roberto Moreno/PUR/JP/HONDA

Mauro Arashiro, Purchasing, ext. 8-3-46716
Mauro Arashiro/PUR/JP/HONDA

Suebprom Kittipong, ext.
Suebprom Kittipong/PUR/JP/HONDA

Sanguanwong Tanongsak
Sanguanwong Tano/PUR/JP/HONDA

William Delgesso, NMC, ext. 8-27-7636
William Delgesso/NMC/JP/HONDA

Jeffrey Mesojedec, NMC, ext
Jeffrey Mesojedec/NMC/JP/HONDA

Mike Erdelsky, NMC, ext
Mike Erdelsky/NMC/JP/HONDA

Mark Gammell, NMC, ext. 8-27-7077; dial-in 028-687-2368; Fax. 028-687-2382
  Fax. ext. 8-27-7992  

Owen Butcher, NMC, ext. 8-27-7695  dial-in 028-687-2347; Fax. 028-687-2384
Owen Butcher/NMC/JP/HONDA

Yvette Rogan, NMC, ext. 8-27-7012 dial-in 028-687-2345; Fax. 028-687-2380
Cell Phone 090-3548-0944
Yvette Rogan/NMC/JP/HONDA

(Former OAP)  
Jim Keller, 5D, Jul 1997 - Sept 1999

Adrian Killham,

Shaun Stevens,  

Lloyd Maggs,

Neil Blonden, Purchasing, May 1998 - May 2000
tel(ext): +44 1793 837793
tel(int): UK + ext. 7793

Rhys Williams, Purchasing, May 1998 - May 2000      

(OAP Support)  

Yasuo Tokoro, Honda Motor Human Resources, ext. 8-3-39989, 39989 in HGT
Yasuo Tokoro/HGT/ASC/HONDA

Naho Taniguchi, Honda Motor Human Resources, ext. 8-3-32148, 32148 in HGT
Naho Taniguchi/COP/PUR/JP/HONDA

Matsuoka, Ken, ext. 8-3-42141, 42141 in HGT, PHS 31130,
Fax 028-687-2001
  ext. 8-34-2090; 42090 in HGT
house tel. 028-632-6686/028-632-6701 (Answer Phone); Matsuoka, Heidi, 090-8013-8202
Ken Matsuoka/HGT/ASC/HONDA,
4 - 2 - 7 - 1101, Higashi Syukugo, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Pref., 321-0953, Japan
Roaming au (covering only Japan, Hongkong, Korea, and 12 cities in the USA, 
Ohio and LA are not covered; Australia will be covered in September) Mobile Phone for home use 


Auto Terrace, Ohtsuka, tel. 028-654-1616
Japan Rentacar, tel. 028-634-7160, fax. 028-639-3599
Orix Rentacar, tel. 028-
X Rentacar, tel. 028-637-1140


Gyms & Fitness Clubs in Utsunomiya
Honda Gym ext.46464
Central Fitness Club tel. 028-627-1537

Taxi Kantoh Kohtsu, tel. 028-633-8181
  Taxi Hokuto Kohtsu, tel. 028-633-1161   
Taxi Daikoh, tel. 028-635-2653  

Tire Service Ogawa Tire Shokai, 22 Hagadai, Haga-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi
tel. 028-677-1971

Honda Travel, Tomoko Shimanuki, ext. 47711, tel. 028-677-3394

Nissin Travel Service Co.,Ltd, ext. 46474, tel. 028-677-3696
Mr. Yauchi

Buses to and from Narita Airport (Now, Busstop #1 at Terminal 1), "Maronnier Bus"  

Japan Travel Phone 
Utsunomiya Tourist Information Center in JR Utsunomiya Station, tel. 028-636-2177

JR East Infoline (English), tel. 03-3423-0111
Mon. thru Fri, 10 AM - 6 PM (except holidays)

Tochigi Prefecture Government ("Tochigi Kencho")
tel. 028-623-2323

Utsunomiya City Hall ("Utsunomiya Shiyakusho") tel. 028-632-2222
Alien Registration, tel. 028-632-2263

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